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NZ Fitness Expo 2015...

was a great success. With over 10,000 attending the Auckland event we did A TON of sampling and introduced Em's Power Cookies to many new customers! It was fun to meet new people and educate them on the uses of Em's for sports nutrition, especially for gym-workouts and busy Mums who need to eat on the run. Remember if it has been a few hours since your last meal, and you want to hit the gym or go for a run, Em's are the perfect energy snack to Fuel Your Adventure Pre-Workout. If you try to exercise with nothing in the tank you don't get the best benefit from your workout, plus you will recover better when fuelled approporately. Especially true for POWER athletes who rely on readily available blood glucose to fuel exercise, Em's are the best becuase they don't contain artificial sweetners, or protein additives so they are easy to digest AND they taste awesome so eating them is actually an ejoyable experience that leaves you feeling GREAT!


Em's Products are yummy, all natural Energy Cookies & Bars. We started with The Original Sports Cookie® in 2004 and have expanded to a great range of Cookie-Bars and Power Bites. Nutritionist Emily Miazga created Em's Power Cookies and has won 3x World Multsport titles. Our philosophy of healthy, natural food is based on Em's nutrition ideals and expectation that food should taste good too! Follow Em's blogs for nutrition tips and keep up with her adventures. Here are some videos below to enjoy:

The world's cutest video ever, starring Darwin

Em's 10 Year Anniversary Interview


Enjoy this fun video about Fuelling your Adventure, whatever that may be!


Talking nutrition, what Em's is all about and other fun stuff:

What are Em's Power Cookies & Bars?

  • Scrumptulicious:  Energy snacks that actually taste good. Made with wholesome natural ingredients, created by "Powergirl" Nutritionist Em
  • Energy:  Sustained or “low glycaemic index” (Low GI) natural energy
  • Uses:  Designed for all sports nutrition fuelling needs, especially before exercise and during longer sessions, and general healthy snacking for busy people
  • Carbohydrates:  From low GI oats and a mixture of natural sugars (rice syrup, honey, dried fruits) and a kiss of brown sugar
  • Fats:  Cardio-protective and natural - coconut, real dark chocolate, sunflower oil, peanuts and almond
  • Protein:  No added whey, soy or other protein additives. The modest protein content is naturally occurring, and appropriate for energy snacks

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The Original Sports Cookie® - 8 Box

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FREE SHIPPING. Em’s unrivalled “Original” has become famous for its classic scrumptuliciousness. Great as a breakfast cookie, with a coffee as well as die-hard adventurers

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