Photo: Old Ghost Road, Buller, West Coast. Steven Roberts — Shaky Fingers Photography

Emily Miazga, Creator of Em’s Power Cookies

Photo: Franz Josef, West Coast. Steven Roberts — Shaky Fingers Photography

Cameron Brown - Triathlete, 11x IRONMAN NZ Champ

Emily Miazga, Creator of Em’s Power Cookies

Kim Hurst - MTB, WEMBO 24Hr MTB Solo Champ and Karapoti Classic Record Holder

Emily Miazga, Nutritionist, 3x Coast to Coast World Multisport Champ and Creator of Em’s Power Cookies

What are Em’s Power
Cookies & Bars?

Energy snacks that actually taste good. Made with wholesome natural ingredients, created by “Powergirl” Nutritionist Em

Designed for all sports nutrition fuelling needs, especially before exercise and during longer sessions, and general healthy snacking for busy people

No added whey, soy or other protein additives. The modest protein content is naturally occurring, and appropriate for energy snacks

Cardio-protective and natural – coconut, real dark chocolate, sunflower oil, peanuts and almond

From low GI oats and a mixture of natural sugars (rice syrup, honey, dried fruits) and a kiss of brown sugar

Sustained or “low glycaemic index” (Low GI) natural energy

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How to Open Em’s Power Cookies

Do you find that opening Em’s Power Cookies can be a bit challenging? The reason is seals are pretty burly which is important for food safety. You need to open them like a chippie packet. So without further ado, here is a short video to demonstrate!

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