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It's Em's 10th Anniversary! THANK YOU for all your support! I've done a little 10 year review below you can have a read about. Just grab a cuppa and an Original Cookie and enjoy ;-)

Looking to the future, I am fortunate to have great support with my bakery contractor and my distributors. I feel lucky to be able to look back on Em’s Power Cookies’ modest achievements, and be really happy. In essence, to have been able to share my passion with my customers and fans is the best feeling ever, that is the real mark of success for me. THANK YOU for all of your support and belief in Em’s!

Here’s to the next 10 years!


  • First Speight’s Coast to Coast experience (epic bad weather)
  • Decided I liked it, and thought maybe I should stay a while
  • Brought home-baked Em’s Power Cookies to Robin Judkins to thank him for the torture and if he thought starting a business was a good idea
  • His answer was “YES”


  • Got into the nitty gritty of marketing my new brand: Em’s Power Cookies
  • Placed 3rd again in C2C, and had a much nicer time
  • First pallet of product for Karapoti MTB Race, and marketed at the Christchurch Marathon as well as numerous smaller grassroots events
  • Steep learning curve of growing a business on a shoestring budget
  • Regional distribution begins
  • Created the “Cookie-Mobile”


  • Became the Speight's C2C Women’s Longest Day Champion!
  • Success in sport meant success for Em’s – credibility in the products and better distribution
  • Steep learning curve was still hard, and started to see bigger competitors emerging with similar products and copying my marketing tactics - business competition is cut-throat


  • Pressure to defend the C2C title ends in injury and a DNF but I got a helicopter ride off the mtn!
  • First year of Em’s as an Official Sponsor of the Speight’s Coast to Coast
  • Plans start brewing for the real-life concept of “Powergirl”
  • New product development begin


  • Regained the C2C Title by snatching victory in the closing km’s of the race to win in the closest women's race in the history of the event!
  • Created the Em’s Power Cookie-Bars: Chocolate Oat Explosion and Peanut Chocolate Bomb
  • Won the NZ Food Awards Category for Best Cereal Product
  • “Powergirl” was launched at the Kaikoura Spring Challenge – a hilarious marketing breakthrough
  • Started Nationwide distribution with NZ’s largest bike shop distributor


  • 6th year of C2C and became the Women’s Champion for the 3rd and final time
  • Attended the SOTA trade show in Canberra Australia, and secured an Australian-based bike and sports shop distributor
  • Started work on the concept of Em's Power Bite


  • C2C became a road race due to a weather-bomb and 4th place was the best I could manage
  • Launched Em’s Power Bites and the Apricot Attack Cookie-Bar
  • Tour de France Yellow Bikini publicity stunt attracts world-wide attention!
  • Attended the Noosa Triathlon Expo in Australia, first big event in Aus


  • Final year of racing C2C, finishing 3rd in a very rewarding and satisfying race
  • The February earthquake unleashes devastating and deadly carnage on Christchurch and the NZ economy. Tough times
  • Consolidated distribution with Brittain Wynyard & Co, NZ’s biggest sporting goods distributor - a new beginning
  • First year at the Taupo Cycle Challenge Expo


  • Supported my husband on the Longest Day, after all the years he supported me!
  • Started developing a gluten-free bar, and tested it on C2C athlete Fleur Pawsey; thumbs up from Fleur
  • Discovering how my racing experience can be used to help others, time to give back 


  • Competed on a 3-person team at C2C and had a blast engaging with friends and customers, something I had never been able to do before
  • Lived in a caravan in a very rustic setting on our block of land, going back to the basics! All part of the sacrifice in order to build our home
  • Busy time in Aus at the 24Hr MTB Worlds, where our athlete Kim Hurst won Silver!
  • Launched the Chocolate Cranberry Craze, our first bar made exclusively with Gluten Free ingredients


  • Continued sponsorship of the Speight’s Coast to Coast
  • Supported and sponsored Jess Simson to her first victory in the Longest Day!
  • Em’s was the Official Nutrition Bar Sponsor for IRONMAN New Zealand
  • Kim Hurst breaks the Karapoti MTB record, fuelled by Em's!
  • New kitchen - the beginning of new product experiments. Any suggestions for the next Em’s Product?