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Sports Nutrition - Em's Power Cookies



Sports Nutrition


During Training

Em's Anti-Bonk Guide

This guide spreads your carbs between a variety of sources so you get quick energy as well as a slow-release effect from Em’s Products

Food and Fluid

Grams Carb

Consume everything on this list every hour

Em’s Power Cookies


1 Em's Power Bite or 1/2 big Em's Power  Cookie or Bar

Sports gel or sports gummies, or 1 medium banana or 1 serving dried fruit


1 every hour. Change up the choices so to add variety and avoid over-loading on gels which can cause stomach upset

750mL Sports drink


1x 750 mL bottle/hour to meet min. fluid recommendations of 200-300 mL/15-20 mins

Additonal Notes:



500mL nuun



Add nuun as needed if extra fluid is required.  If ONLY using nuun (no sports drink), then ADD 1x Em's Power Bite AND 1x gel every hour to make up the carbs

200mL Coke or caffeinated sports gel

20g – 25g

Add Coke and change to caffienated gels in the last 3rd of an endurance event. Incorporate into the gel/gummie/fruit list as needed


  • Bonked? Have 200mL Coke or 1 gel and alternate this every 15 minutes until you feel better
  • Stomach troubles? Usually caused by using products with high protein additives or too many gels
  • Stick to foods and drinks that you tolerate and know well, and that have minimal additives
  • Avoid protein supplements during events
  • Save caffeinated products for the last 3rd of an event

Following Em’s Anti-Bonk Guide will keep both your stomach and taste buds happy! For specific advice, seek professional help from a good Sports Dietitian.

After Training Recovery

Em’s Recovery Smoothie: 2 frozen bananas, 400mL rice milk, 2 Tbsp. natural peanut butter, handful brazilnuts and 1 Tbsp. honey = 87g carb, 15g protein


Sports drinks provide additional carbohydrate and electrolytes which aid fluid retention. Aim for 200-300mL fluid per 15-20 minutes of exercise.

Em's Nutrition Classroom - General Everyday Eating

Carbohydrate 60% daily energy or kJ:

 Protein 10-15% daily energy or kJ:  

 Fat 30% daily energy or kJ:  

Usage Guide for Em’s Products



After (within 30 mins)

For a quality workout, always include 1 Em’s Power Cookie or Bar 1-4 hr before exercise

Triathlon short course


1x Cookie or Bar

All endurance events longer than 3 hours


1 Cookie/Bar every 2 hours


1 Power Bite every 45 minutes

Follow recovery guide

Rowing/kayaking regattas

1x Cookie/Bar between races

1 x Cookie or Bar

Ball and racquet sports comps


1x Cookie/Bar between sets if

> 3h match

1x Cookie or Bar


Athletics comps


1x Cookie/Bar between


1x Cookie or Bar


Climbing, tramping, hunting or fishing

1x Cookie/Bar per 2-3 hr

Regular meal

Hanging out at the café

1x Cookie with a long black


Em's Power Cookies Energy:

Health Conscious and Ethics:

Weight Conscious:

Food Allergies/Intolerances:

Shelf Life of Cookies and Cookie-Bars: