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The Story of Em’s

ExperimentEm’s Power Cookies are all-natural, yummy New Zealand-made energy bars. Nutritionist “Em” (Emily Miazga) created them for her own adventure sports including winning the iconic New Zealand Coast to Coast World Multisport Championship three times. Em’s are the food of choice for other top athletes too, like Cameron Brown (12x IRONMAN New Zealand Champion) and Kim Hurst (WEMBO 2014 Champion and Karapoti MTB record holder).

They really are the Best Real-Food Energy Bar!

Em believes that food needs to taste good as well as be natural, healthy and provide sustained energy. Every Em’s Product reflects this philosophy. We use only natural, real-food ingredients, the same as what you would find in your own kitchen. No soy protein or whey protein additives, no superflous vitamin or mineral additives, and no preservatives or colourings. We source all ingredients we possibly can from right here in New Zealand and always choose GMO-free.

Em’s Power Cookies have been designed to help you unleash your power whether you are a recreational enthusiast or a sporting legend. Click here to view our online shop. Enjoy!

About Emily Miazga, Creator of Em’s Power Cookies

Emily was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada and started making yummy cookies at age 14. She has always been a plant-based carbohydrate proponent (vegetarian since 1986). Her interest in Nutrition and sport led her to university in the USA where she ran collegiate track and cross-country and earned her Master’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. After practicing as a Registered Dietitian in Oregon for 4 years, she left her job to travel in 2002. She stumbled into adventure racing while traveling which ultimately led her to NZ for the great Coast to Coast in 2004. She decided to stay in NZ and shortly after started Em’s Power Cookies. Borne out of her passion for yummy energy food, creating Em’s Power Cookies for everyone to enjoy was the logical thing to do! She has become a NZ Citizen and resides on the West Coast of NZ with her husband Mitch and Flemish Giant Wabbit Darwin. 

Coast to Coast World Multisport ChampionshipsEm_beach_med

2009 13:39:33 Women’s Longest Day Champion
2008 13:16:24 Women’s Longest Day Champion
2006 13:00:15 Women’s Longest Day Champion

Professional Background

Cert. in Advanced Sports Nutrition, Univ of Otago, NZ, 2007
Master of Science, Clinical Nutrition, UCO, OK, USA, 1998
Bachelor of Science, Dietetics and Nutrition, MSU, MN, USA, 1997
18 years clinical and practical experience as a Sports Nutritionist Consultant and Registered Dietitian
Notorious Tour de France yellow bikini ambusher