Cramping Q&A

A customer recently emailed me with a question about cramping and endurance racing. Here is the story: Q: Hi Em, just watched your webinar on the Speight’s site, great info thanx. Understand the carbs vs weight from Ironman last year but am concerned re cramp... read more

Em's High-Protein Recovery Smoothie

I just whipped this smoothie up for my husband who is doing a 5 hr training ride in preparation for Coast to Coast. Recovery nutrition is very important especially for long sessions and even more especially is the session was hard. This smoothie provides approx 90 g... read more

Em's Tahini Salad w/Strawberries

Last night we did the naughty and had fish and chips. Afterwards we felt pretty gross, yet unsatisfied. What is with that with junk food? Our neighbour had given us some lovely fresh organic salad greens, and they were sitting on our table looking at us saying... read more

Em's Bloody Good Pizza

Since being away in Australia for the Noosa Triathlon, I returned to a rather wild patch of organic spinach. It’s amazing how much this green gold can grow in a week! So I did a major chop-back to get it under control. As Powerboy Mitch and I were hiking up Mt.... read more
Em's Awesome Healthy Nachos

Em's Awesome Healthy Nachos

The other night we had a Mexican craving, and since it’s impossible to find any decent restaurants that don’t cost the whole ranch, we made our own. This will serve 3-4 people as an appetizer, or 2 people as a main dish. Hope you like! Fresh Guacamole: 1.5... read more
Em's Aduki Bean Dip Burritos

Em's Aduki Bean Dip Burritos

I was experimenting with this one, thinking I would make bean dip, but ended up using in burritos instead. Either way this is an easy recipe to make and is very delicious, gluten-free and vegan. It helps if you have a food processor, if not just get out your potato... read more