The Loop MTB Tour

It started with a casual visit to Golden Bay to see our friends Martin and Marie who own the Quiet Revolution Bike Shop in Takaka, when Martin told us that on the 23rd April at exactly 10am, he and Andy were leaving on a little MTB tour from the Wholemeal Café in... read more

How to Open Em’s Power Cookies

Do you find that opening Em’s Power Cookies can be a bit challenging? The reason is seals are pretty burly which is important for food safety. You need to open them like a chippie packet. So without further ado, here is a short video to demonstrate!

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Em's High-Protein Recovery Smoothie

I just whipped this smoothie up for my husband who is doing a 5 hr training ride in preparation for Coast to Coast. Recovery nutrition is very important especially for long sessions and even more especially is the session was hard.

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Em's Tahini Salad w/Strawberries

Our neighbour had given us some lovely fresh organic salad greens, and they were sitting on our table looking at us saying “eat me”. So I decided to whip up this salad with a few things I had on hand, just to cleanse our palettes.

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Em's Awesome Healthy Nachos

The other night we had a Mexican craving, and since it’s impossible to find any decent restaurants that don’t cost the whole ranch, we made our own. This will serve 3-4 people as an appetizer, or 2 people as a main dish. Hope you like!

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