Em's Hearty Healthy Stew

Em's Hearty Healthy Stew

This recipe is so easy you can even make it if you’ve had a couple wines or brewskies. For a Gluten-free option, skip the pearl barley and just use beans. As most of Em’s recipes are, this is also Vegan. You will need: 200g pearl barley 300g mixed dried... read more

Em's Gourmet Curry Tortilla Bake

This dish has been a popular favourite in the Power Cookie household lately, thanks to the abundant Silverbeet crop I have going in my garden. Ingredients: Silverbeet, fresh and chopped – enough to fill large bowl Refried beans, 400g tin Fresh garlic, 6-8 cloves... read more

Em's Eggplant Mushroom Penne

I love to cook so here is a healthy and yummy recipe idea to share. Bon appetit! EM’S Eggplant Mushroom Penne Saute on medium heat with 1-2 T. olive oil: 1/2 diced eggplant 6-8 cloves garlic chopped 1 onion chopped 2 large portabello mushrooms or 5-6 buttom... read more